Astrid Real Life Sex Doll


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  • Realistic look and feel. We create each with care and quality. Our dolls have realistic facial features and makeup. The dolls are made with a stretchable material that allows for a natural look, jiggle, and feel.
  • Life sized dolls. We offer life sized dolls for a more realistic experience. Heights range from 4’7” to 5’7” depending on the doll.
  • Easy to maneuver and change positions. We use certified TPE and a ball joint metal skeleton on every doll we offer. The material used makes the doll easier to move, and less stiff than silicone dolls.
  • Durable material. The material used to make our sex dolls is a naturally stretchable material. This allows the doll to last longer and avoid tears and splits.
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Many people have been so far worried about the issue of real life sex doll, this normally happens when partners find it very hard to introduce the agenda of real life sex doll to their family life. As far as facts are concerned, many people living in Japan have always tried to improve their sexual life with most of the real love dolls found in Japan despite the difficulty in bringing up these topics to their partners. realistic love doll which are normally known as Dutch wife are kind of very impressive and all the people who have got some need for real life sex doll to find it interesting to own such dolls.

There are so much to enjoy the technology in which the real love dolls are designed. First of all, they are made up of a metallic skeleton which is so far a durability advantage. This allows them to be easily bent in the favor of the user. As far as this feature is concerned, you can enjoy your sexual moment with any style you have ever wished with your sex dream girl. With much to be proud of, technology has also made it possible such that real life sex doll can be created with the face and appearance of the kind of persons you have always desired.

Full Bust: 82cm
Under Bust: 66cm
Waist: 62cm
Hip: 82cm
Foot Length: 21cm
Thigh Girth: 48cm
Calf Girth: 30cm
Ankle Girth: 20cm
Wrist Girth: 13cm
Upper Arm Girth: 21cm
Leg Length:90cm
Arm Length: 46cm
Shoulder Breadth: 34cm


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