-Dolls designed and hand-sculpted by professional stores -Every inch of our dolls, inside and out, are made with your pleasure in mind

-Only the most lifelike materials are selected for our Doll stores.


-Dolls made of premium silicone and TPE materials

-Durable metal skeleton with flexible joints for many positions -Hand-made and thoroughly tested, safe for human use


-Free express shipping worldwide from all out stores

-Discreet packaging and billing -Track delivery right to your door

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Realistic Sex Dolls For Sale

We know what you want when you shop for a quality sex doll, and we have a selection of lifelike sex dolls just for you. Our dolls are a result of precision designing that makes them exciting and stimulating to use. Our love dolls are hand sculpted by professionals who put in a lot of time to bring out every detail. At Silicon Wives, we are proud of our attention to detail and product quality and therefore guarantee our customer satisfaction.


Premium quality sex dolls

We only choose the most life like substances to create what are the best sex dolls in their class. Our sex dolls are made from TPE materials and premium silicone, making every part of their exterior as realistic as can be. You will find sex dolls with the most luscious bouncy breasts for a sex doll.
We also make the dolls with durability in mind. Silicon Wives provides you with high quality sex robots with a durable interior too. The dolls come with a metal skeleton with very flexible joints such that you can enjoy using them in different positions. Apart from being durable and authentic, our sex dolls are also made for safe usage. You don’t have to worry about any materials causing any health problems as they are safe for human use. The hand-made dolls are always put through rigorous tests to make sure they are not hypoallergenic and our clients can use them safely.


Choose from a variety of sex dolls

When it comes to buying a sex toy of any sort, you always want some variety before choosing what to buy. For our sex doll collection, this variety is taken to a whole new level. You have lots of character dolls and facial preferences to choose from. Look through our sex doll catalogwhere you can find a lot of choice in terms of lip color, skin complexion, fingernail and toenail color, makeup, hair color, pubic hair, eye color, vaginal insert method, hair design, nipples and so much more.


Free Shipping

All our clients across the globe get free shipping from wherever in the world. Our billing method and packaging are discrete and your product will be delivered to your doorstep. We ensure you receive your purchase on time, so you don’t have to worry about inconveniences no matter where you are in the world.